Why Vietnam Backroads

About Us

Found in 2009 by Tran Huu Van – a tour guide and also biking guide who has passion for cycling adventures. The company specializes in cycling vacations as the Vietnam Leader Cycle Tour Operator since operated. The website: www.vietnamcyclingtours.com 

By 2014 Vietnam Backroads started its new business “Saigon Bike Shop” which related and also supporting “Vietnam Backroads” for it’s bicycle tours. New business name is “Saigon Bike Shop”. Travelers can visit website: www.saigonbikshop.com however, the company had organized many styles of trips such as: culture tours, trekking, cruising, and honeymoon by Vietnam Backroads’s cycling tours have been organized since 2010.

We have organized different styles of tours so far and have received plenty of requirements for future trips. Our CEO guy decided to use domain: “www.VietnamBackroads.com” to offer clients all travel styles except bike tours. This is the best way to separate the cycling tours from the other travel styles. These help clients with choosing which sites to select the way of travel easily.

We are proud to announce that we have one more site to offer different travel styles and satisfy our clients. In early 2019 the site “www.vietnambackroads.com has being built. It will be finish soon.

Here are the website of Vietnam Backroads Travel:

- www.vietnamcyclingtours.com - Cycling tours only

- www.vietnambackroads.com - Culture, trekking, cruise, honeymoon and culinary tours

- www.mekongbiketours.com - Travelblogs

- www.saigonbikeshop.com - Bike Shop in Ho Chi Minh City

Why Choose Us

With more than 15th years experiences in tourism industry! We are rich of local knowledge of every region. Our experts always listen and hear from you and will offer you the best. We will make your holiday as perfect as possible and find out what you think might make it extra services and make it more special throughout your trip.

We Focus on Trips' Quality

Tailor your trip specifically to suit you and your interests and passions. Our trip designers also have the ideal balance of passion and perfect blend of culture and adventure. Our adventure trips will take you far away from tourist sites and normal tourist tracks. Let you experience the real life of locals, explore unique and untouched villages! Let us organize and we do it for you.