Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of some useful, common questions we receive often from our guests preparing to join Vietnam Backroads Travel for guided tours? Please read them all and they will help you to prepare well your trip to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. We are available to assist your needs with useful information before you go. Contact: 

How can I get a visa for Vietnam?
All nationalities require a visa in advance. Most visitors to Vietnam need a visa to enter the country. Visas are exempted for the citizens of the countries, which have signed a bilateral visa exemption agreement with Vietnam. Tourist visa may be valid for 15 to 30 days. Tourist visas can only be obtained in Vietnamese Embassies, Consulates, or Online. 
Get visa online. Here are the Embassies and Consulates of Vietnam worldwide. You can contact Vietnamese Embassy near you to get it done before you go. You should send your application and photos to a Vietnamese embassy or consulate abroad which is most convenient to you. On your requirement, the reply will be returned by post (you must provide stamped envelopes with your name and address).Vietnam-Embassy.
A Vietnam visa is required for most foreigners to enter and exit Vietnam at the three international airports: Noi Bai airport in Hanoi, Tan Son Nhat airport in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang airport and Da Nang. 
Vietnam visa-on-arrival is a process of obtaining the pre-approved visa letter (visa approval letter) through a travel agency in Vietnam to check in at the departure airport and pick up the actual visa stamp at an international airport in Vietnam upon arrival
Most visitors to Vietnam require a valid visa to visit the country and are eligible to apply for a visa on arrival as long as they enter Vietnam by air at one of the International airports in Vietnam.

How can I get a visa for Cambodia?
Cambodian visa can be obtained on arrival at Phnom Penh and Siem Reap International Airports. The visa fee is US$26. Please bring 2 passport sized photos with you for your visa application. 
Visa to Cambodia is also available at border crossing on Thai - Cambodian and Vietnamese -Cambodian border points. Travelers can also apply for Cambodia E-Visa online before you go. Here are nationalities that tourists don’t need to apply for tourist visas when entering Cambodia: Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Laos, and Vietnam.

How can I get a visa for Myanmar?

How can I get a visa for Laos?

How much are the airport taxes?
Airport taxes at International Airport in Vietnam
Airport taxes at International Airport in Cambodia
International airport tax is USD25 and USD6 for domestic airport tax. The airport taxes have to be paid in cash at the airport. Travelers, who exit Cambodia by land border, do not require paying for any departure tax.

Do you organize a trip for solo traveler?
We provide trip for solo traveler with best price guaranteed. Please contact us:

Do you organize a private trip?
We offer private trips;
-    Who required having a private trip for a group of friends…
-    We will offer a private trip for a family of 4 members at least

How many people in group do you guarantee to depart?
-    A small group: 02 to 06 people
-    A large group size:  – 14 people

To guarantee a departure we normally require 2 paying passengers at least. 

Once the booking confirmation are agreed and made and by travelers and Vietnam Backroads Travel, then your confirmed trip will be listed on AVAILABILITY page and it’ll welcome more travelers to sign up. The numbers of travelers are limit depended on small group OR large group that you required and the booking confirmation had done by us.
If there is not any traveler join in your trip in the last minute! You then will have a private trip without any extra charged.

What hotel categories & types of accommodation do you provide on entire trip? 
Each detailed trip on website shown the names of hotel for a whole trip with its tour price but travelers can require changing hotels which they prefer to stay!

Depends on hotel categories! We will send you the tour prices
There are three different hotel categories; 
- 5 star hotel category
- 4 star hotel category
- 3 star hotel category

Travelers can require to stay at 5 star hotels in big cities and tourist destinations and your requirement will be made but not in down towns or somewhere are not large cities and not tourist places. Do remember somewhere is not tourist places but countryside, scenery and removed villages are the wonderful places to discover. Foreign travelers usually rarely be seen by locals.

Travelers can take the same trip and select to stay in different hotel categories if they do the group tour.
2. Rooms types: 
- We provide travelers with a double room for a couple
- We provide travelers with a twin room (two separated bed) if you are the same genders
- There will be a triple room for a family with 3 to 5 people.
- If you wish to have a single room for your own! A single accommodation must be charged.
- We can also arrange 5 star hotels for some people who are looking for luxury accommodation
- We can also arrange 2 – 3 stars hotels for some people who are traveling on budget accommodations
- Tourist who travel alone and joined in the trip and wish to have room shared – twin room! If the group size is an odd numbers then you will have a single room without charged.  
Vietnam Backroads Travel reserves the right to offer alternative accommodations with similar standards in the case the accommodation has been overbooked or already fully occupied in advance.
Are there internet accesses to all the accommodations on the trip!
Internet technology in South East Asia Country have developing really fast even in rural villages where daily cycling through. All accommodations on the entire trips have internet access, in home-stay in countryside villages as well.
-    Vina Phone, Vina mobile phone and Viettel Telecom provide 4G internet sim cards with different gigabyte and amount of money It’s very easy for travelers who use smartphone to accesses internet on daily biking. 
What ages the kids will get discount?
-    Ages: 06 to 09
-    Ages: 10 to 14

Do you offer custom made trips?
As the expert tour operator in Indochina! We offer tailor make trip, custom made trips based on travelers demand’s.
Do you offer tours to other countries in Asia?
We have many travel partners in different countries which organize different types of tours and we have been contacted with some of our previous customers to arrange trips in Asia. We have now offered the trips in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar

What type of vehicle do you use on the trip?
We provide variety of good branch A/C vehicles that bring comfortable seat, more room suite for each group:
- 2 people: we use the Toyota Innova 7 seater
- 3 to 6 people: we provide the Ford Transit 16 seater/ Mecerdes sprinter 16 seater
- 7 to 10 people: the Isuzu minibus 29 seater
- 11 – 16 people: The Hyundai Aero Space will be the best choice for the group

Do you help to purchase Travel Insurance?
Vietnam Backroads Travel does not provide travel insurance. We recommend you to purchase your own travel insurance before you go. 

Do I need any vaccination before traveling to Vietnam?
We recommend travelers to take malaria tablet and bring some medicines that advised by your doctor 
What is the weather like in Vietnam?
In the northern Vietnam
In middle of Vietnam 
In southern Vietnam