Chance & Cancellations

A - Responsibility:

1. We would like to advise you that, the schedule of flight are subject to change by any airline company without prior notification due to weather conditions ( especially Vietnam Airlines).

2. Vietnam Backroads Travel can not fully guarantee that the proposed itinerary can be always carried out as it has been planned. In case of schedule changes or cancellation of flights, Vietnam Backroads Travel will try his best to arrange a flight for boarding or alternate itineraries.

3. Once your trip has been confirmed, the price will be fixed (there will be no change even if inflation in Vietnam economy can increase after that). 30 percentage of total tour price is required to hold the trip. Vietnam Backroads Travel responsibilities to make sure the trips will be guaranteed to depart on time.

B - Deposit requirement:

 1. A 30- percentage deposit of the total tour price is required and it has to be transferred to the bank account of Vietnam Backroads Travel at least 30 days prior to the departure date. The final payment will be paying at it's office in Vietnam or Cambodia upon arrival. Your booking will be confirmed after your deposit confirmed by our bank. All confirmation and agreement of booking and payment must be stated clearly in documents or PDF files.

2. We receives US dollar only.

3. You will cover all fees of money transfer to the bank accounts of Vietnam Backroads Travel( 2.0 % by wire money transfer)

4. Deposit and payment by credit card will be added 2%

C - Your information and details:

To avoid any booking complications, Please be sure to provide correct personal information, including: full name (first name, middle and last name), date of birth, nationality, passport number, passport issue date and expiry date.

D - Cancellation Policy:

If customers cancel the tour after confirmation, the deposit is refundable. It depends on the period from the cancellation to the tour departure and calculated as follows:

Number of days prior to departure and amount/percentage of the thirty percentage of deposit amount of the trip to be refunded
- 60 days or more 100%
- 40 - 59 days 70%
- 30 - 39 days 50%
- 29 days or less 0%

E - Deposit Refund Policy Due to Bad Weather/ Natural Disaster

As Vietnam Backroads Travel' s Cancellation Policy mentioned above, you will receive refund at your house's address or bank transferring. Of course, you will cover all fees of money transfer back to your bank accounts or fees of western union money transfer. If the trip is cancelled due to bad weather, resulting in flight cancellations or government restrictions on travelling in situations such as floods, tropical storms, etc, then Vietnam Backroads Travel may be forced to cancel your trip. If this cancellation happens 15 days or more prior to departure, Vietnam Backroads Travel will gladly refund all of the deposit. If this cancellation happens within 15 days before the tour departure, Vietnam Backroads will apologetically retain the deposit to cover cancellation of the booking of hotels and other related services. If you note us about your tour cancellation merely 10 days before the trip starts, your deposit can not be refunded because of advanced reservation services such as; hotel bookings, transport, domestic flights, high- speed boat tickets and train tickets and so on.

F - Booking Amendments

If you wish to switch off from one trip to another trip or transfer your booking to a third party, you must notify us at least 20 days prior to departure. Transferring to a third party is subject to approval by Vietnam Backroads Travel. Transferring must be requested within 10 days prior to departure.

G - Daily tours:

Daily tour will guarantee to depart if your group is 2 people at least and you must confirmed it one day before except you are a solo traveler and wanting to it travel alone. However, the tour cost of solo traveler is more expensive than a group tour.

H - Group bike tours & tour prices:

1. Small group size: 2 to 4 travelers at minimum
 2. Large group size: 05 - 14 travelers at maximum
 3. On the site: , tour prices are in US Dollar, and applied to one tourist/ each person
 4. All tour prices are based on group size and also opened/ join-in-group tours
 5. Group size of 3 travelers will have discounted price. Group size of 4 travelers will have more discounted on

I - Private tours & tour prices:

1. If you wish to have a private trip for your family or an group of friend! Please simply notify us the number in your group and the date you would like to travel with us
2. Depending on our booking schedule and numbers of participants, we will confirm you if we can accommodate your group. Prices applied for private tours are slightly more expensive than they are for group tours, if your group is small.

J - Waiting for more to join:

In case, you are a solo tourist, please confirm us your favorite tour and your specific date, we will post the tour information on website as AVAILABILITY PAGE to seek more travelers to sign up. Once a tour has at least 2 confirmed bookings = 2 persons then the status on website will change to GUARANTEED TO DEPART.

K - Clients’s requests:

A group is defined as 2 travelers or more. Therefore, a group of 2 or more can choose their own departure date.

K - Cancellation policy of flight, train and boat:

In case, international or domestic flights, domestic train and boat tickets are booked as including services of the tour, they will be non-refundable

L- Travel insurance:

Vietnam Backroads Travel does not provide travel insurance. We advise you to arrange your own travel insurance in advance of the trip.

M - Ages of travelers:


N - Accommodation:

1. Vietnam Backroads Travel reserves the right to offer alternative accommodations with similar standards in the case the accommodation has been overbooked or already fully occupied in advance by beyond our control.

- 2 - 3 star hotel category

- 3 - 4 star hotel category

- Travelers can take the same trip but they can select to stay in different hotel categories.

2. Rooms types: We provides you with double room for a couple, twin rooms for traveling mates and triple rooms for a family. If you wish to have a single room for your own! a single accommodation must be charged.