Making a Positive Impact
Vietnam Backroads have specialise in biking trips only and have been taking responsible travel seriously for many years. We understand the wyas of traveling on bicycle is the ultimate minimal-impact approach to travel. But the travelers also recognize that any travel has an impact, so we do everything we can make the impact positive.

We Focus on Trips' Quality
Tailor your trip specifically to suit you and your interests and passions. Our trip designers also have the ideal balance of passion and perfect blend of culture and adventure. Our bike trips will take you far away from tourist sites and normal tourist tracks. Let you explore unique routes with flexible distance as your wishes. We are the organizer and we do it for you.

Cycling Holidays and Challenge Riding are not like racing or riding bicycle on high roads with vehicles. We focus on quality of bike trip, rather than quantity, you have to be able to trust what the people providing experience tell you. We have seen so many example of companies quietly providing bike trips by cycling on second highways. Or they knew only single routes.

Mapping Routes for Cycling Tours
Van is our tour operator and he has a passion for exploring new routes and new destinations. So far he has been spending so much time on scouting routes and catering with trips that enable you to experience cultures, local life and scenery, especially you will get closer to locals in countryside. The yearly scouting trip by motorcycle usually from last of May to July. He owned many thick books of hand drawn map and all distances were mapped out by human GPS. It is because our bike routes can not be seen on regional maps, even on google maps with GPS. Bike Route Finder