Riders' Reviews

Hello Van,

Well now I am back home, unpacked and have sorted myself out.  My return trip from Hanoi was smooth sailing and I had no problems. I want to say that I had a most excellent trip and it went far beyond my expectations. In fact, I can confidently say that it was the best value, best organised and best run bicycle tour I have been on, and I have been on a few. I will have no hesitation in recommending most highly Vietnam Backroads to any of my friends and acquaintances.  And I shall certainly tell them how flexible you are in meeting peoples' specific needs. I agree that to get a better Vietnam experience a three star hotel is better than a four star, and certainly most of the hotels you booked us into were very satisfactory.  13 Jan 2012

Graham Bridge from Australia <gbridge46@gmail.com>

Dear Ms Hue,
From Nha Trang we went to Hon Ong, where we spent three days before returning to Ho Chi Minh City and back home a week ago. In Sweden we have plenty of snow and a crisp -18 degrees celsius (see attached photos). I guess every country and climate has its own charm...

Back to your question about the tour - We are very happy with our four day bicycle tour!! Phuc was a very good guide who made sure the biking and pace was up to our capacity. He made sure to stop to point out interesting things and enable us to take photos of views, coffee, tea, pepper and banana plantations. He made sure we had snacks and drink stops along the road. We got to stop and meet friendly people along the road. He took us to genuine and very good eating places and was all-over very friendly!!
Hoang - our driver - was also very good. He was a skilled and very careful driver and we always felt safe with him behind the wheel. He was also very attentive and made sure we had water along the road, sheered us on and took care to wipe our eating sticks and plates when having meals. The trip was perfect for us - a mix of national park, jungle, farmland and back roads and with a one day stopover and sightseeing in Dalat. The fairly rough accommodation in Nam Cat Tien and the very good accommodation in Dalat was a good combination. We always felt very safe and we definitely had our share of adventure and sightseeing.
I cannot enough express how happy we are with our biking with Vietnam Backroads Bicycle Tours. This was the best way to experience Vietnam!! We will sure recommend you to everyone who might be interested!! I can honestly not think of anything that could have been different - not even the rainy day we had between Dalat and Nha Trang.
Kind regards..and please extend our praise to Phuc and Hoang as well!!.
Cecilia & Agneta

Cecilia & Agneta from Sweden. "Cecilia Dreijer" <cecilia_dreijer@hotmail.com>

Hi Van, Thanks for the best 4 days we had in Vietnam ! we loved our tour and the enthusiasm you showed whilst guiding us. There is no way we could of seen the things we seen or done the things we did if we'd been on 4 wheels or even on foot...thanks mate. P.S. can you make sure you sort the weather out in Dalat if we come back :-)  Saigon to Nha Trang 4 days. 05 Sep 2011

Trevor and Pauline from England. trevshaw@blueyonder.co.uk

Hi Ms Hue,
Many thanks for your email. We very much enjoyed the trip - and will certainly contact you if we plan another trip to Vietnam! I'm back in Europe now, missing Vietnamese weather, food and cycling! 12 - 15 May 2013
Best regards, Pieter

Pieter Houlleberghs party from Belgium

We have really enjoyed our 3 days of cycling in the Mekong Delta - even more than we expected. Our guide, Harry was fantastic and made our trip even more enjoyable with his charm, memory and good English. We have now had a 2 weeks holiday in Vietnam with many good and interesting experiences - but the cycling trip was the best ! The icing on the cake in what has been a fabulous holiday. Thank you very much  25 - 26 - 27 Nov 2012

Rory & Guri O'Brien from UK. <rory@hygieneshop.com>

Hi Van
Thank you so much for the best holiday.  The food was fantastic, probably a little too much at times I haven't lost any weight after cycling 700 kms. The accommodation was above the standard I expected especially for the one night stays.

The organisational side of things was excellent running like clockwork. The staff you employed went out of their way to help and make sure we had water, food, were comfortable on our bikes, we were very spoilt.

Our truck driver was there all the time filling water bottles getting us food.  Our bus driver (Hi - not sure how to spell it) was running after us making sure we had everything we needed and his driving was exceptional.  Ican't praise Bobby and Nghi enough they made the trip a wonderful experience, it was hard to leave we felt they were part of our group. 11 - 24 Nov 2012

I would like to organise another trip for 2013, doing the Mekong Delta/ Phu Quoc Island area because that would be completely different to what we have seen.  Just a couple of questions - what month do you think we should do the Mekong Delta - I will aim to get about 12 people again and we would look at flying in on the Saturday to Ho Chi Min and starting the trip on the Sunday - then flying out 14 days later on the Saturday Night, I think that was a great way to see everything and the flights were easy from Sydney to Ho Chi Minh.
On this trip we wouldn't do the guided tours of temples etc and would be looking more at country side and villages. Any help and advice you can give me would be great.  Not sure if anyone found a bike seat left in the bus, not a problem if they haven't but Debbie thinks she left it behind. Thanks again and please thank your wonderful guides and drivers for us - maybe they can all do the next trip with us, that would be good.

Leonie party from Australia - http://www.beatmedical.com/

Good to hear from you. We are in HCMC today and will leave for MuiNe tomorrow. We stay at the The Luxe Hotel on 261-263 le Thanh Ton St. My wife expects to be needing size S. Would be great if you'd manage to bring one to the hotel. We had a great time cycling through the Mekong Delta.

Hi Hue, We have found the shirt and short at the reception today, the are very beautiful and are a perfect memory of a very nice trip. Thank you very much. If friends of us plan to travel to Vietnam we will certainly advise them to organize a biking tour with your biking agency!!

Klaas de Groot family from Netherlands <klaasdegroot@casema.nl>

This 4 day cycle tour of the Mekong Delta, with my wife and two teenage daughters, was absolutely sensational. In addition to taking us completely off the normal tourist track, it enabled us to experience the true friendliness and way of life of the local people. However, this could not have been achieved without the support and professionalism of our fantastic guide, Tang - Articulate, informative, good humoured and practical. Overall, I would not hesitate in recommending this Company's trips to anyone. 18 - 21 July 2013.

Graham Wood family from UK. grahame.woodward@virgin.net

Hi Ms Hue,

Congratulations on providing a wonderful bike tour. We had a fantastic time in the Mekong Delta. Van and Loc were both great tour guides and the flexibility of the tour meant that it catered for the needs of the children really well. From start to finish we felt well cared for and could trust that we were in good hands. The hotel pick up was smooth, the drive to the Mekong was comfortable and fun. Lock provided a great commentary as we drove along giving us information about the city, people, culture and what we could expect from the tour. When we arrived to meet Van and pick up the bikes we were amazed a how organised you all were with the bikes labelled for each person. The safety information was clear and we were soon on our way. It was fantastic to head down a tiny lane way and explore the back roads of the area. We would never dare to venture into such unknown and strange places. Soon we were looking into the lives of the locals as we passed by people's homes and farms. We loved stopping for fruit at the road side stalls and tasting food we'd not trust ourselves to buy without a guide. The lunch venue was superb with much more food than we could eat. We enjoyed the afternoon ride and getting onto the really tiny streets and lanes. The river crossings made the whole experience quite an adventure. Our accommodation was great and an opportunity to make spring roles with the host was fun. We enjoyed the evening sitting outside but found the beds a bit too hard for our comfort. Breakfast was good with options providing something for different tastes. The visit to the sweet shop was an interesting experience for the children and we enjoyed tasting different treats. It was good to get back on the bikes again and continue our ride. When the youngest became tired a motor bike ride was a welcome relief. Van and Lock did not seem to find it any trouble to help out when needed and adjust the trip to meet the changing needs of the children. We also enjoyed the conversations we had as we rode along with both Van and Lock who were most informative and interesting to talk with. Some of us would have enjoyed being able to ride further, but needed to cater for other who got tired and were affected by the heat. The only real challenge on the journey was the heat. It meant we needed plenty of stops for drinks and it was challenging riding in the hot sun. The only solution to that issue would be to come again in the cooler months to do another bike tour and discover more of the Vietnam backroads.

Thanks again for a wonderful experience we'd be glad to recommend your tour to others


Joan Wright Howie party of 9 from Australia. joanwh@bigpond.com

Hi, Mekong Bike Tours
We are now back in England.
We thoroughly enjoyed our 2 day adventure and want to thank you for organizing. It really was the highlight of most of my family’s holiday. We felt very looked after and would like to commend our driver and guides. My family especially enjoyed Harry’s company and his commitment to making sure we were safe and having a very good time. We had no areas of complaint as everything was so good – bikes, itinerary, guides etc. The only tiny thing we would have changed is that we would have eaten lunch on day 2 in a local Mekong Delta restaurant to sample their food and hospitality however that would have been our personal choice and the lunch we had was very adequate
Again, thanks to you, we would certainly recommend your services and use you again if we have the opportunity. 14 - 15 July 2013
Best Regards

Wayne party of 5 from UK <Wayne.Saich@guycarp.com>

I enjoyed it very much ! It was a wonderful way to experience the Mekong Delta. I think some better communication needed from our guide - especially with directions, turns and interestions - more notice and guidance required.
Overall, it was great fun, thank you ! 12 - 15 June 2013

Kate Langdon party from New Zealand. kate@katelangdon.com

The videos do look really good, and we really loved the trip we took with you. In terms of specific feedback, the things we look back on and will cherish the most was the simple interactions we had with the local Vietnamese people and the places where they worked and lived. Obviously every client is going to have different desires, but for people like us I would encourage more of that interaction. It was part of our failing that we didn’t know any of the Vietnamese language, but perhaps a bit more translation with some people to allow a small amount of communications would have been helpful. Thanks again for an awesome trip, and we are also looking forward to receiving the cycling ferseys from you so we can show it off to our cycling friends! : ) 24-28 May 2013

Cameron and Libby Storm <cameron.storm@amnet.net.au>

Mr. Van.
It was very nice to meet you on the trip. Mr. Nghi just dropped us off at our hotel and we had a great time on our trip with him. Does Mr. Nghi have an email address? Thomas and I would like to write him a note of thanks and stay in touch if we can!

Thanks so much 2 - 5 June, 2013.

"Jenny O'Connor" <jenny@groundworkopportunities.org>

It was such a great experience to travel the Mekong Delta with our guide Nghi! We will never forget the trip, it was amazing. Send special thanks to Nghi again! 25 - 26 Mar 2013

Marcel Solar party marcel.solar@gmail.com

Dear Miss Hue, we want to thank your team at Vietnam Backroads, for a most enjoyable tour in April. Our guide "Buppy" (hope our spelling is right) was really great and our driver Duc.  Everything was really good. Thank you for returning our money from the Duxton hotel. We will certainly recommend Vietnam Backroads as a great company to bike with. Maybe we will do another Backroads tour next year.
Thank you again
Diane , David and Brendan 06 - 10 April 2013

Brendan Fagan party "Brendan Fagan" <brendan.fagan64@gmail.com>

Overall your arrangment is very good. The back up, the food, the accommodation are all superb. And most of all the guide provided is excellent. He speak very good English, very knowlegeable, very easy to get along and very diplomatic.

Great job, we definitely like to recommend to my friends. 21st - 30th April 2013.

Tan Lye Hock party from Malaysia

I took a rest when I choose Vietnam Backroads for myself and my team, but its the best from the internet. It turn out more than I expected and your guide Mr Thang is very professional and very knowlegeable. There is not a boring moment with him around. He made us feel very comfortable and we enjoyed our ride very much. The numerous coffee break is good and dinner is excellent.
On behalf of my team, I would say "Big thank you" to Vietnam Backroads Bicycle Tours. 21st - 30th April 2013

Chan party from Malaysia "FF Chan" <bikerffchan@gmail.com>

Hello Mekong Bike Tours
My friends and I were so happy with our tour with Harry and Mr. Huong. They were so flexible at planning our tours. Harry was always willing and knowledgeable to change the tour if we were tired and change the route if we wanted to see something else. We were also a little complicated with our diet and they made every effort to accommodate us. The only thing we said that we, personally, would have done differently is we would have asked to have no dinners. After the big lunch that was always arranged, none of us felt like a sit-down meal in the evening.

After our tours, when we just climbed in the van and enjoyed a cold drink while Harry and Mr. Huong dismantled the bikes, we often said that their service was worth every dollar!

We are now back in Ha Noi working. We will always remember our lovely tour guides and the friendly people in the Mekong Delta fondly. Hopefully we can still fit in another tour while we live in Vietnam.

Please feel free to post this on your website. 

Laura party from US lsberrish@yahoo.com