Riders' Reviews

Hi Van,
We had a great trip - our guide Thang was great,  everything went like clockwork  - we did a lot of eating of all sorts  of food we never would have tried on our own or known what to order as we told Thang we were interested in trying foods, he introduced us to iced coffee and we had one or two every day. The bikes were good, minivan driver excellent and as we expected our bums a little sore at end of day 3 but what we expected.
Our three days were excellent but I strongly suggest  you change the last night hotel. I tell you this as I also own my own business and feedback is important - I strongly think you need to change the hotel. We will write  good report on trip adviser and will recommend you to others as we did not see another westerner on the days we were on the bike as you promised. 16 Jan 2012

Anne and Terry from Australia

This was a fantastic trip professional organized accommodating and fun. We strongly recommend this to anyone considering a bike trip. Thank you for the amazing time! 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 Feb 2012.

Shawn Davidson family from US

The restaurants were fantastic! Great food and refreshment. The guides were so nice and funny, they make everything very easy. We will recommend your tour to friends. The routes were amazing. Everything was fasunating. I love my ride. 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 Feb 2012


I took my 13 year old daughter on the trip, and she is not confident cyclist. Van took wonderful care of her, and after the first hour, I was not worried at all. The guides could not have been kinder or more helpful, answering our questions and telling us about the history and culture of Vietnam. It was a fantastic experience. 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 Feb 2012


Dear Van
Please find attached my feedback.  I am sorry it is not more constructive but really I have no criticisms.  For us we were very lucky as you we incredibly flexible and could be as there were just the two of us.  You have two converted bike tourers! As for value for money it is certainly not the cheapest trip but good value for what we do, the quality of equipment and for 2 comfortable hotels.  However payment is tricky!  I understand the need for a deposit but it was suprisingly difficult to do an international bank transfer. None the less I was more comfortable with doing that than supplying my card details.  Payment of the balance at the end would have been much easier to do with a card or knowing dollars was your preferred method of payment I would have taken dollars out in Cambodia and carried them with me.  So maybe some more info on that before the tour could have been helpful. Feb 2012

Anyway thank you again for a fantastic few days - a real highlight of the trip as a whole!  I hope it is ok but I suggested my biking friends from Cambodia get in touch if their tour is taking them through Saigon.

Lucy Davies from UK

Thanks for your e-mail. We really enjoyed the trip! Bobby (as we called him) is a good guide and he knew where to go. Never been lost in the kampong! Your tour is really off the beaten track which we like! Good that you ask for recommendations because that will help your company. We all have cultural differences and people from Europe (like us) will appreciate other things than people from Vietnam or other Asian countries. I will list them:
- we appreciate taking backroads where no tourists are (this is all done by your company)
- we like the flexibility in distances on a day
- bikes are ok
- plenty of drinks available
- Bobby is an honest guide and he calculated costs of diner etc very well!
some advices from our side (do not take it personal)
- drinking sugar cane is very good, but we prefer to drink it in the Kampong green instead of a busy street or a big empty restaurant
- we value the authentic living style of the Vietnamese so we therefore like to sleep in the Kampong; e.g. home stay
- we think you can make a lot of money by opening a small guest house at a nice spot in the Kampong. Just explore 5 to 10 rooms. Simple western breakfast (no buffet) with baguette, egg, orange juice, jam, butter and some yoghurt, make sure that it is clean. It can be very simple and keep the idilic spots of having hammocks, table and chair outside, just like the other people live. There aren't many hotels and the available hotels are more business style hotels which we don't like. They are too big, have no atmosphere and they are not in nature and the kampong....
- we prefer having lunch and dinner in small eateries, not in the big very empty restaurants offered in the tour. Let the tourists eat where the locals eat in the kampong with a nice view over the rice fields or palm plantations. make sure food is hygienic and it can be vietnamese and simple. Do not offer complete chickens as they are too 'rough' for us.
Thanks again Van and we will recommend your organization to our friends. 18 -19 - 20 Mar 2012
Best regards

Maaike party from Nederlands

Dear Miss Hue,

Thank you very much for your email. We enjoyed our trip with VietnamBackroads very much. Thai was an excellent tour guide who provided us with a lot of practical information and interesting facts on living in Vietnam and in the Mekong-Delta. He was very friendly and took really care of us. Our driver was also very friendly and helpful. The restaurants and cafes on our trip were good. We enjoyed the local food and the local culture very much. There are only two small points of criticism: The hotel we stayed during the first night, in Tra Vinh, was unfortunately in a quite run down state. The walls in our room where wet and mouldy and the bathroom was really not comfortable. Maybe you want to reschedule the trips a little in order to get a better hotel. Finally, I wanted to point out that our tour was advertised as a 4-day trip, however, we were dropped off at the hotel already at Saturday afternoon around 2.30 pm with nothing to do but wait until our speedboat went off the next morning. This was a bit a waste of time since we didn't know what places of interest there are in Rach Gia. So maybe you should either plan a longer biking on the last day or set up some alternative program such as sightseeing. Please understand these critics in constructive way. Overall, we are very happy to have chosen Vietnam Backroads and can fully recommend you to other people. Thank you very much.
with best regards, 13 April 2012

Florian family from Germany

Good Morning Miss Hue,
We are in Cambodia for the next 5 days and then our adventure in SE Asia is over. We thoroughly enjoyed our cycling part of the trip with Backroads.  We were delighted to get off the busy roads and away from the motorcycles and horns and pollution. The paths we biked were so interesting.  The village people and farmers were exceptionally friendly calling out "hello" at every opportunity.  The experience totally changed my opinion of the wonderful Vietnamese people. Our guide, Bobby, was exceptional.  He worked hard at explaining the sights and answering all our questions.  He had a great sense of humour. Our driver was great as well.  Although he did not speak english he was always courteous and ready to help. We enjoyed our hotels on the the second and third night.  The hotel Cuu Long (I think that was the name) on the first night was very rundown.  It was clean but very tired. The meals Bobby set up for us were great.  He worked hard to give us a feel for the real Viet Nam. The only part that we would improve upon is a little more cycling, especially on the third day. Bobby explained that there were no back roads to take and he was quite right that the main road would not be fun to cycle.  We are avid cyclists and would have prefered to cycle closer to 60 Km a day rather than ride in the van. We will certainly recommend Backroads on Trip Advisor when we return to Canada.
Thank you for all your assistance, especially to Van the Man for retrieving our passports and sending them on the bus to Can Tho. We offered to pay Bobby for that service but he refused. It was much appreciated.
Sincerely. 12 April 2012

Lynda & Rick from Canada

Thanks again for leading us on yet another marvelous trip cycling in the Mekong. Our relatives from the Bahamas absolutely loved it. They felt it was the highlight of their trip to Vietnam and Thailand, bringing them closer to people and culture than any other experience. Thailand is called the Land of Smiles, but for them, Vietnam won the comparison. They'll never forget the calls of "hello!" from children along the roadside, and the families who showed us their farms and homes.

As well, the food at all the places you brought us was excellent. Superior to the up-scale Mekong Lodge, with its cooking classes, which we chose in place of your recommendations. Your support team was always there when we needed it, and there were some hot and tired moments when some needed a ride in the bus. It's really great the way you accommodate riders of such different abilities in the same trip. I need to pick a weekend for a trip in the Fall when we get back to school. I'll see who's interested and email you to set a date. I expect quite a few of the teaching staff will want to come.

Thanks again! It's always great to ride the Vietnam backroads with you. 29 - 30 April 2012

William Schlei party from Saigon British International School

For those of you guilty of being AP1 and AP2 Campus teachers, I will hopefully secrete all of my photographs temporarily on the M-drive, where you can then revisit a fuller pictorial montage of our weekend jaunt.  So a link to these photographs will soon be pedaling your way in a school email. Thank you again for helping to create a deeply memorable and laughter-filled weekend. Thank you again for helping to create a deeply memorable and laughter-filled weekend. May all of the bumps on your future road be small ones, with safe and steady travelling for the half term holiday. 30 Oct 2011

The British International School

Thanks again for an incredible trip across the Mekong Delta! The boat ride up the river toPhnom Penh yesterday was great, and we will be continuing on up to Siem Reap tomorrow. The bicycles and gear were top notch and in very good shape. The only thing I would make sure to either recommend people bring or provide extras if they need them are cycling gloves. 25 Oct 2011

Deena and Jordan from America

We can not stop telling people how wonderful our trip with you was. The highlight for us was going to areas where they had never seen foreigners before and they were so happy to see us. We wondered why they all giggled when we said hello. We appreciated the extra care you took - eg washing our cutlery and checking that the fruit we ate was cleaned properly. Biking from PhnomPenh to Saigon 29 Sep 2011

Margo and Mark from Australia

Wow! You couldn’t ask for a better way to see this wonderful country.  Anyone who thinks they have seen Vietnam by travelling on buses and trains hasn’t done more than scratch the surface.  Van is the man when it comes to organisation, information, safety, good food and a zest for life.  I cannot recommend him and his company enough. Van tailored the trip perfectly. 17 July 2011

Monique and Ian Reed from Australia

We would like to thank you for a great trip. When we think abount our holiday in Vietnam, the cycling trip through the Mekong Delta was one of the best memories! Route was very good and very nice landscapes. The small boats crossing the canals, and small bridges, were very good. Again, thank you for a very nice trip. We felt very comfortable and safe on the entire trip. Biking from Saigon to PhuQuoc Island 17 April 2011

Dejan and Mie from Denmark

Hi Van,
Thanks for organizing a wonderful 5 days bike trip from Saigon to Phu Quoc. we wish you have a happy and successful new year. Hope you joined a big party with all of your family members and friends. Biking from Saigon to Sadec 14 April 2011

Ulrike and Her friend from Germany

Dear Van the Man It is now almost two and a half weeks that we are safely back in Germany. Our onward 5 days cycling trip in Mekong Delta and non adventures from Saigon to Nha Trang then to Hoi An and finally to Siem Reap was very interesting and full of new impressions. We hope that you are fine and that business is going well for you. Very best regards and all the best. The best Mekong Delta bike Tour 25 July 2011

Gerald and Dorit from Germany

Hi Van, We loved the route - it was lovely to be on quiet backroads away from the traffic, and the scenery was amazing. The scenery was also very varied which made it so interesting, from rural villages to sunny rice paddies, shaded coconut plantations, and villages along the river - it was all just quite fascinating to see, and we really felt we were seeing a very different side of Vietnam from that which you see from a vehicle on the road. Our guide Tye was excellent. That's all I can think of for now, thanks again for arranging our trip - we have great memories (and photos)! 14 June 2011

Emma Partridge from Australia

The cycle tour my girlfriend and I went on was undoubtedly the highlight of our trip to Vietnam. We had 4 amazing days and got to see. There are many beautiful places and to meet so many of the wonderful People in and around their homes. Van was a wonderful host and knows the paths of the delta like no one else, which means you're immediately off the beaten track and in amongst the locals.  Cycling from Saigon to PhuQuoc Island  04 April 2010

Richard and Karen from London

Hi Van,
We had a great time on our Delta ride and we all enjoyed the experience. The accommodation was great and we all learnt alot from the valuable experience of your guide, Mr Loc. We are all keen to start to planning our next trip out of HCMC. Thanks for your organisation Cheers Jayne, Noel and friends. 02 Nov 2011

Jayne Anderson from Saigon Riverside School

If you have ever dreamed of experiencing a National Geographic moment, you enjoy biking, you want to see the real Vietnam, and you want to get off the beaten path then follow ‘Van the Man’ from Vietnam Backroads. See Video Clip. Bicycling the Mekong-off the beaten path. Saturday, December 18, 2010

Meggies family from Canada