Tour costs & Discounts

Tour prices vary based on the type of tour and on peak season vs. low season. Prices also depend on the number of travelers, for both private cycling tours and group bike tours. Off season is from the end of April to the end of Septemper. High season is from the beging of October to the end of April.  Peak season prices are higher. Off-season prices are lower.  If you want to save money, then we recommend booking in the off-season. Booking in advance: Booking your vacation in advance is the best way to save money.  For example, if you book in advance by 4 months, the price will be discounted. It is also a good idea to book your holiday before the peak season arrives. The best hotels, resorts, flight tickets, restaurants, etc will fill up quickly during the peak season, so the sooner you book your trip, the better, to insure that you get your top pick of services.
When your booking have confirmed and your deposit has been done then your tour cost will be fixed if the inflation is a rise in the general level of prices of goods and services in an economy over a period of time. Vietnam Backroads must be carry out as its planed.

Custom tours:
Vietnam BackRoads Bike Tours not only provides you with its regular tours on the official sites; Mekong Bike Tours Vietnam BackRoads Vietnam Cycling Tours but also provides custom tours as you require. Please send your specific requests to our staff so that we can accomodate your wishes.

Private cycling tours and tour prices:
A private bike trip for your family or a group of friends will be made as your request. Pls, email us the number in your group and how many days you would like to travel. Depending on our booking schedule and how many participants are, we will let you know if we can accomodate your group but the prices are slightly more expensive than join - in - group tours.

Pricing of join - in - group bike tours:
Vietnam Backroads Bicycle Tours has 3 official sites: & and are based on join - in - group cycle tours. The prices are also depending on the numbers in group (how many people/participants) Once, your booking of 2 has confirmed as the first booking of group tour, then the tour cost of this will be fixed. If there is one or 2 more travelers love to join in then the tour cost of your first confirmed booking will be discount.(see tour prices on details on each tour itinerary on websites). If there is no one join in your trip until the last minutes, the tor cost of your comfirmed booking of 2 will fixed as your first confirmed. The best group size that Vietnam Backroads usually organizes join - in - group cycle tours is 4 travelers and the tour prices of a group of 4 is also reasonalble price.

Waiting for more travelers to join:
If you you are a solo traveler or traveling alone, do not have a group and looking for a group cycle tour to join in ! Pls, tell us which trip you like best and starting dates then your reserved trip will appear on our site as WAITING FOR MORE to JOIN IN this waiting lists could help our staff to find more travelers for your trip. Once a tour has at least 2 confirmed bookings then the status on website will change into GUARANTEED to DEPART and your confirmed trip will be seen on the GUARANTEED to DEPART on our websites.

Group sizes of cycle tour:
A small group size: 2 travelers and maximun as a large group size: 10 travelers. The large group size for along trip more than 8 days are 12 travelers. Pls, tell us if a group of your friends, teams is large group, and have more than 12 people.

Best discounts and special offers on second bicycle trips with Vietnam Backroads:
When you have your bike trips taken and planning to have another cycle trip with Vietnam Backroads. Of course, 10% of total tour prices of your next trip is great discount.