Biking Mekong Delta

Mekong Bike Tours Vietnam - Mekong Delta is flat lands as pancake with lush green, rice fields, fruit gardens, fish farms, warm climate all year round and it has rich soils by Mekong River. Mekong Delta' Vietnam is perfect region for traveling by bike because it has huge systems of footpaths, single tracks that criss-cross the flat lands, rice-paddies, fruit orchards, forest and a huge water transport. The main means of transportation in in rural areas is moving on water by boats. All different levels of cyclist can ride bicycle on the back roads of Mekong Delta to experience the real countryside and local life. Travellers can organize bicycle touring through Mekong Delta from Siem Reap, Phnom Penh in Cambodia. 

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Day trip cycling to MyTho

Enjoy 3 hours biking along beautiful country roads: bike past sugar cane plantations, watch locals making cowboy hats and farmers working in the fields,enjoy a boat ride to Ben Tre before driving back to Ho Chi Minh

Biking 3D/2N: Saigon - BenTre - TraVinh - CanTho

Tra Vinh prides itself as the home of the Cambodian people, known as the Khmer, which include; Tieu  Cau Ke, and Tra Cu. This cycle tour will take you through the countryside where we watch the morning river activities in Can Tho city

Cycling from Hatien to CanTho to Saigon 3D/2N

This border is called Preak Chak in Cambodia and Ha Tien in Vietnam. At this check point you can continue your trip to Phu Quoc Island to relax or keep cycling to Rach Gia before you explore the floating market of Cai Rang. Vietnam Cycling Tours

Biking 3D/2N: ChauDoc - CaoLanh - CanTho - Saigon

This special bike trip for whom starting their trip in Cambodia and finish their trip in Saigon, Vietnam. Wesee the first Monastery building in Indochina and cycle pass HoaHao Buddhist temple. Visit XeoQuyt base by a row boat and spend the night in a local house. We also visit Chau Doc, whichis a popular gateway to begin bicycling travel throughout Indochina.

Biking 3D/2N: Saigon - Xeo Quyt - Cao Lanh - Sadec - CanTho

A Viet Cong guide will take you to the former Xeo Quyt base, which lies under the canopy of a huge capjuput forest before we stop for lunch in  the town of Sadec, where you can see many gardeners tend their flower plantations

Biking 4D/3N: Dolta Festival of Mekong Delta

This Cycling Tour allows you to explore the wide diversity of Viet Nam’s Mekong Delta.

Biking 5D/4N: Cao Lanh - Chau Doc - Can Tho

Tram Chim is 40 km from the town of Cao Lanhin theDong Thap province. Herein the national park, you can hire boats to reach spectacularbird-watching sites. From January to May each year, visitors witness the arrival of these giant birds approaching as black dots in the horizon.  Huge flocks of cranes return to this park, after monthsof emigrating to escape theannual flooding.

Biking 4D/3N, BenTre- TraVinh - CanTho - RachGia - PhuQuoc

The beauty of PhuQuoc Island is often compared to the size ofThailand's Phuket, but without the crowds and development. The Vietnamese government has big plans for tourism on the island, including a new airport and many larger resorts,which will be opened in the next few years.

Saigon - Cao Lanh - CanTho - LongXuyen - PhuQuoc

Mekong Delta is a flat region making it easy for bicycle riding. Newly discovered PhuQuoc is one of the most stunning resorts in Vietnam. Two-thirds of the area is covered with wild forests and white sandy beaches.

Biking home-stay My Tho and Ben Tre 2D1N

The Cho Lach District was founded over a century ago by a French parish priest known as Gernot, who started aChristian parish in Cai Mon,theCho Lach. It was Gernot who brought the first fruit tree seedlings into Ben Tre from foreign countries, mainly Thailand and Malaysia. You will have anopportunity to enjoy a morning coffee with friendly people and enjoy scenery on small creeks.

Biking Mekong Home-stay 2D/1N. BenTre -AnBinh, CaiBe

Doing business on the river is an ideal and suitable way of local lives, and this activity has formed an occupation for some of people who still try to preserve this lifestyle up to now. They are referred to as the Merchant to show their career and their lifestyle. Biking on trails to An Binnh Island and overnight at local's house and see floating market.

Biking 4D/3N: Saigon - TraVinh - SocTrang - CanTho

Vietnam Backroads would like to introduce a trip with new cultural features and highlights, for cyclists who love to explore new destinations and see something well off the beaten tourist track. The Clay and Bat pagodas are famous in Soc Trang province but very few tourists ever go there.

Biking Mekong Delta Homestay 4D/3N

This fantastic bicycle trip includes a night at a real home-stay on An Binh Island where you’ll get to experience some good ol’ Vietnamese hospitality.  Your guide will keep you well informed and feeling at home in the beautiful villages of Ben Tre, nestled amongst the coconut plantations.

Biking 5D/4N: CanTho - CaoLanh - ChauDoc - HaTien - PhuQuoc

Vietnam BackRoads offers you a cycling trip through the Mekong Delta where you pedal to the great monastery in South Vietnam, Cu Lao Gieng Church in Tan My Commune. The Cho Moi District was built in 1875 under the reign of King Tu Duc by a French Catholic priest named Gafignol and was inaugurated in 1887.

Biking 3D/2N: HCM - CanTho - PhuQuoc Island

If you has very short time for cycling adventures before spending few days on beach. We beleive that biking 2 days through Mekong Delta give you enough time to explore the back roads along rural villages, countryside and Mekong River. Please, email us to get more information about the trip!

The Best Mekong Delta Bike Tour 5D/4N

With more than 40,000 square kilometresof fertile soil and plenty of fresh water, the Mekong Delta is a grandecologic environment. Viewing theriver delta and its biological diversity bycycling along the riverway,are a unique wayto discover this region. The waterway is a vitalmeans of transportation and act as country roads.

Meandering the Mekong Delta by Bike 7D/6N

For seven action-packed days of traveling by bicycle with Vietnam Backroads, you will discover the Mekong Delta countryside as never seen before. Meet friendly people, admire beautiful landscapes, explore traditional villages, and enjoy unique local meals. Enjoy a great bike ride with Vietnam Backroads.

Biking 4D/3N from ChauDoc - Long Xuyen - CanTho - TraVinh - Saigon

For cyclicsts ! who love biking adventures in Indochina and starting traveling from Cambodia ! Vietnam Backroads strongly advice you to take an afternoon high speed boat from Phnom Penh to Chau Doc border town in Vietnam so you can experience the real Mekong Delta before you fly home from Ho Chi Minh city.