Saigon to Phu Quoc

Biking 3D/2N: HCM - CanTho - PhuQuoc Island

If you has very short time for cycling adventures before spending few days on beach. We beleive that biking 2 days through Mekong Delta give you enough time to explore the back roads along rural villages, countryside and Mekong River. Please, email us to get more information about the trip!

Biking 5D/4N: CanTho - CaoLanh - ChauDoc - HaTien - PhuQuoc

Vietnam BackRoads offers you a cycling trip through the Mekong Delta where you pedal to the great monastery in South Vietnam, Cu Lao Gieng Church in Tan My Commune. The Cho Moi District was built in 1875 under the reign of King Tu Duc by a French Catholic priest named Gafignol and was inaugurated in 1887.

Saigon - Cao Lanh - CanTho - LongXuyen - PhuQuoc

Mekong Delta is a flat region making it easy for bicycle riding. Newly discovered PhuQuoc is one of the most stunning resorts in Vietnam. Two-thirds of the area is covered with wild forests and white sandy beaches.

Biking 4D/3N, BenTre- TraVinh - CanTho - RachGia - PhuQuoc

The beauty of PhuQuoc Island is often compared to the size ofThailand's Phuket, but without the crowds and development. The Vietnamese government has big plans for tourism on the island, including a new airport and many larger resorts,which will be opened in the next few years.