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Hi Van,

Unbelievable trip!
My girlfriend and I were fortunate enough to take a 3-night, 4 day tour of the Mekong Delta with Vietnam Backroads and had an amazing time.

From our first initial enquiry to the moment we were dropped back at our hotel, we were dealt with promptly and professionally.

Shaun Hutcheson and Karen Rigoroso - <>

Hey guys- here is my review of the trip, please feel free to publish it on your website. I'll also be sure to publish it on and anywhere else that might be helpful to you. Here it is-

'My wife and I chose the 5 day tour across the Mekong Delta. We had hoped to get to know the 'real Vietnam' and knew that by cycling, we had a good chance of getting to more out of reach places. My expectations were already high for the tour but somehow it managed to far exceed those expectations in what turned out to be a journey we'll remember for the rest of our lives.

Adam Harrison From Britain <>



Day trip cycling to MyTho

Enjoy 3 hours biking along beautiful country roads: bike past sugar cane plantations, watch locals making cowboy hats and farmers working in the fields,enjoy a boat ride to Ben Tre before driving back to Ho Chi Minh