Vietnam Backroads is a leading mountain bike tour company. We offer tailor-made, unique cycling routes, which can’t be found on traditional maps or the internet.  Join us as we travel to some of the world's great destinations;  view the spectacular scenery, learn about fascinating ancient and modern history, and meet friendly, local people. Our bike trips are special because they are individually tailored  for each different group of riders, and we also specialize in meeting the needs of  small groups – think  family,  work group or just a couple of mates!  With our company, you, your friends, and family can witness some of the most stunning regions of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos by bicycle.
The truly magical thing about Vietnam Backroads’ cycling vacations is that our fully supported A/C vans will transfer you from bustling cities into traditional rural areas, where you will be welcomed, literally, into the homes of the wonderful  local  people. Ride on the best  mountain bikes, suited to  all on and  off-road conditions and up to anything you can throw at them! Tours vary as to the ratio off on- and off- road riding, but remember our flexibility is the key here – you want more dirt, you get more dirt! Our high quality bikes have lightweight aluminium frames with the best MTB front suspension,  to provide for your maximum comfort. Our clients rave about Vietnam Backroads Bicycle Tours. Please, call us to book your trip!

                                                     Vietnam BackRoads Bicycle Tours

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